Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A Christmas Gift Challenge End of Wk 8 & Other Things

The Christmas Gift Challenge for wk8 26th Oct - 1st Nov well just wasn't no gifts completed what with my sister-in-law's passing & having to go down to see my brother then we had one of DH's sister & husband here for a visit I didn't get time to work on what I wanted to hope to make up for it this week if I can.
I have received some Fat Quarters today which I won in a give-away it was from Amy of  Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts  lovely FQs I also received yesterday some lovely crochet flowers & some cones which will go on the Christmas Tree from Robin of  RSISLANDCRAFTS  again lovely items Thank You Both.
We still don't know as to when the funeral will be of my DSIL, not too much else is happening here I am working on some more table runners which I hope to finish for this weeks tally of the challenge how are you all doing we are now in November & Christmas will be upon us before we know it.
Do you do hand-made gifts as presents you could always do some cooking may be get some glacier cherries soak in a brandy or some other spirit for at least a couple of weeks then melt some chocolate & dip them in & put in to little paper cases to make a box of chocolates or even do marsipan ones
May be make up a little food gift box if it for someone who has everything, or do a face cloth & put in to a little basket with some bath/shower items to make a little toiletry gift there is lots of gift ideas that don't have to cost the earth do let me know how you all are doing with your gift challenge


  1. ♥нι friend...νιѕιтιиg тнιѕ cυтє вℓσg,ρℓz νιѕιт му cυтє вℓσg тσσσ..нυgz♥

  2. I love the idea of the cherries, but I'm not sure I'd ever be able to give them away!

  3. Hi Janice,
    so sorry to hear about your SIL, am thinking of you.
    Jan xx

  4. Helloo Janice, my Deepest Sympathy to you and your brother....take care Hugs lyn


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