Sunday, 8 November 2009

This, That & Some More

This past week I been having computer problems if it not the contection it to do with pages not coming up, on top of that the computer seems to have gone really slow takes ages to shut down it takes even a while when you click on close for it to come up not sure what is wrong have tried restoring back to last month plus doing several virus checks which showed nothing so not sure what the problem is I am reluctant to reformat the hard drive as one program I have on is the EQ6 & you only get so many activations & I have use a couple so if i can advoid the format I will then I won't have to use what I think could be the last chance then you have to pay for more which i think is wrong great program but lousy idea
Earlier in the week I had tried cutting some wadding & of course as it was a piece that I needed to have space which I don't have I made a mistake so was moaning about not able to cut yardage well to make a long story short decided that the table which I work on should go in to the main bedroom it was in the small spare room.
The difference is that when I worked in the small room I looked across the width which is about 3ft the length of around 5ft was mostly to the left but the right didn't have much space at the end well moved some things from the main bedroom to the small room & not have the table in the main bedroom so when I work I can sit at the end & look at the length of the table & when I want to cut just move my chair & I have room for the yardage rather than trying to fit it in.
I still have to finish tidying away but did manage to get the table runners I am working on to the binding stage so hope to finish them later today.
While doing this change around I looked in a box I have fabric in & saw fabric I had forgotten about well had to get on hands & knees to try to get under the table before now while I still have it under the table it is easier to access.
It rather early morning here while writing this as I can't sleep been having some really bad restless nights, my hip is hurting well more of a ache that won't stop which don't help I will be off to bed after finishing this hoping that I will be able to go to back to sleep
I hope to report tomorrow on my gift challenge which won't be much as I have seemed to let time get away this week again, & Christmas is fast approaching the days are sure coming up fast so things do need to be finished so you see how I done in my next blog


  1. Just last night when I closed it down, my computer was doing exactly the same. It then took ages this morning to load and be ready to play. What's going on? Did you have to do a Windows update recently? I did, yesterday morning, it was called Service Pack 2 and it took ages to do, and I wonder if there is a connection?

  2. Hi Janice,
    mine too is being a pain in the butt. I am loath to call the IT man out - yet again - hope it will clear itself. It is certainly on a go s-l-o-w.
    See you soon.

  3. having more room to work will help make things easier...I am not much of a sleeper either...mine is anxiety though, not hip problems...dont you love when you find fabric you forgot you had? maybe that means you have too much fabric


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