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Genealogy, Not all are Rogues

Well I haven't posted much of late, & this posting is not about any craft but my 2nd Great Grandfather Alfred Stokes, he was the hero of a famous crime a murder which until Jack the Ripper was the most famous of the East End of London & the murderer even was & may be still is in Madame Tusaunds so here a little about it.
1. HENRY WAINWRIGHT (37) and THOMAS GEORGE WAINWRIGHT (30), were indicted for the wilful murder of Harriet Louisa Lane in a second count Henry Wainwright was alleged to have committed the murder, and Thomas George Wainwright was charged as an accessory after the fact. A third count stated the deceased to be a woman unknown.

ALFRED PHILIP STOKES . I live at 34, Baker's Row, Whitechapel, and am a brush maker—in September this year I was in Mr. Martin's service as manager, at 78, New Road, Whitechapel—the prisoner Henry Wainwright was also in his service as a manager—I was in the service five or six weeks, and Henry Wainwright about eleven weeks before the particular Saturday—I have known Henry Wainwright between seventeen and eighteen years—he carried on a brushmakers business formerly at 84, Whitechapel Road—that was the shop at which the articles were sold—I worked for him away from the premises, and used to take my work home to the shop—I have worked for him on and off for between seventeen and eighteen years—I know the premises 215, Whitechapel Road as a packing place—a man named West used to live there first—I am speaking about the time when Wainwright had the premises—West was his chief clerk and lived there—West left somewhere in July, 1874, after which the premises were unoccupied so far as to persons living there, but they were used for packing premises down stairs—they remained unoccupied as a residence till Rogers went there in November, 1874—they were shut up at night, and I believe the keys were always put in the counting house at No. 84, until the fire—Henry Wainwright went out of business about a month before he went into Mr. Martin's service, he then told me that he lived at School House Lane, Chingford, but I never went to his place—on the Thursday or Friday before Saturday, 11th September, 1875, I told him that I had bought a chain for the scales (we were then in Mr. Martin's shop)—he said "Oh yes, it is very useful," and then he said "I have a chopper and a shovel to sell likewise, which will be very useful," I said "So they will, sir, as we require them for the place"—nothing more was said at that time—we were at work on the Saturday afternoon about 6.30 in Mr. Martin's presence, and he said "Will you carry a parcel for me, Stokes?"—I said "Yes sir, with the greatest of pleasure" we then left together and went to 215, Whitechapel Road—we went in at the back through Vine Court—he took a key out of his pocket and opened the door—we both went in and he asked me to go upstairs and fetch down a parcel—I went upstairs underneath this part, and through by the sky light into the dwelling rooms—that was 80 or 90 feet from the spot where we came in—I looked for the parcel but could not find it—I went down found him at the furthest end of the place, and told him I could not find any parcel—he said "Never mind, Stokes, I will find them where I placed them a fortnight ago, under the straw"—there was some straw there, not in the corner but just on the stone work—as you enter from Vine Court there are some flag stones—I saw the straw up in a corner and saw two parcels tied round with rope and some black American cloth—he said "These are the parcels I want you to carry, Stokes"—I lifted them up and

To Read the full story from the Old Bailey Trial Transcript click   Here   you can also read a short bit on him at East London History   I had always thought that I would find that I had the rogue gallery in my lot but seems that at least someone stood up & did the right thing
A bit more on Alfred Philip Stokes you see down to Robert Alfred Smith who is my dad

First Generation


1. Alfred Philip Stokes. Born on 11 Apr 1824. Alfred Philip was baptized in Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, London on 4 Apr 1825. Occupation: Brush Maker Journeyman (1857).
On 15 Jan 1844 when Alfred Philip was 19, he first married Hepzibah Anderson, daughter of George Anderson & Elizabeth, in St Philip's Church Bethnal Green Lnd. Born on 3 May 1801 in Whitechapel London Middlesex. Hepzibah was baptized in Holywell Mount Independent Chapel Shoreditch, London on 1 Jun 1801.
Witnesses to marriage Henry charles Stokes & Eleanor Ellis
On 1 Oct 1848 when Alfred Philip was 24, he second married Caroline Barcklay, daughter of Joseph Barcklay & Susannah, in St Peter Church District of St Andrews Saffron Hill Holborn. Born in 1830 in Stepney London. Caroline was baptized in Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney, London on 4 Aug 1830.
Name also spelt Barclay
They had the following children:
i. Alfred. Born abt 1850 in Clerkenwell Middlesex.
ii. Joseph. Born abt 1852 in Clerkenwell Middlesex.
iii. Rachel Elizabeth. Born abt 1855 in Clerkenwell Middlesex.
In Jun Qrt 1873 when Rachel Elizabeth was 18, she married George Rayner, in Bethnal Green London.
2 iv. Caroline (1857-)
3 v. Henry (~1860-)
vi. Hannah. Born abt 1862 in Spitafields Middlesex.
vii. Arthur. Born abt 1864 in Spitafields Middlesex.
Alfred at time of Marriage gives as residence 5 Silver St Clerkenwell, & Caroline 8 Peter St
Witnesses William Henry Hitchern (Heitchern) & Thomas Turner
It gives Alfred as a Bachelor but it believed he was still married to Hepzibah, no death or further info found on her

Second Generation

2. Caroline Stokes. Born on 4 Oct 1857 in Back of 12 Stoke St Birmingham Warwickshire. Caroline was baptized in Saint Thomas, Birmingham, Warwick, England on 25 Oct 1857.
Census: 1911 Census living at 18 Brewer St London Fields
On 18 Mar 1876 when Caroline was 18, she married James Henry Smith, son of James Smith (11 Apr 1833-) & Emma Ray (5 Feb 1836-), in St Thomas's Church, Bethnal Green, London.1 Born on 8 Feb 1857 in 7 Ada Place Bethnal Green London.1 James Henry died in 55 The Broadway London Fields Hackney on 13 Jun 1907, he was 50.
They had the following children:
4 i. James Henry (1876-1939)
5 ii. Thomas Walter (~1883-)
iii. Caroline Emma. Born abt 1884 in Bethnal Green London.
6 iv. Annie Rosena (~1886-)
v. Rachel Elizabeth. Born abt 1889 in Hackney London.
vi. Florence Violet. Born abt 1892 in Hackney London. Occupation: Milliner.
7 vii. Edward Arthur (1893-)
viii. Daisy Violet. Born abt 1897 in Hackney London. Occupation: Milliner.
ix. Elizabeth Lily. Born abt 1900 in Hackney London.
Residence as given on marriage cert James 164 Birdcage Walk, & Caroline 9 Baxendale St.
Witnesses John Smith & Hannah Smith
3. Henry Stokes. Born abt 1860 in Birmingham Warwickshire.
Henry married Emma. Born abt 1863 in Bethnal Green London.
They had the following children:
i. Emma. Born abt 1885 in Hackney London.
ii. Martha. Born abt 1887 in Hackney London.
iii. Ada. Born abt 1888 in Hackney London.
iv. Henry. Born abt 1890 in Bethnal Green London.
v. UNNAMED. Born in Mar 1901 in Hackney London.

Third Generation
4. James Henry Smith. Born on 1 Jun 1876 in 136 Columbia Rd, Bethnal Green, London.1 James Henry died in Hackney Hospital, Hackney, London on 7 May 1939, he was 62.1 Was on the census for 1 Albion Terrace, Derby Rd, Hackney London in 1901. Buried in Manor Park, London.
Last address is 260 Rushmore Rd, Hackney, he lived here over his shoe shop. His age is given as 62 on his death certificate.
Census: 1901: 1 Albion Terrace, Derby Rd, Hackney
On 25 Dec 1895 when James Henry was 19, he married Emma Storey, daughter of John William Storey (24 May 1860-5 Nov 1924) & Susannah Lyons (abt 1860/61-29 Mar 1917), in St Paul's Church, Haggerston, Shoreditch.1 Born on 17 Nov 1878 in 1 Columbia Rd, Bethnal Green, London. Emma died in Hackney Hospital Hackney Lnd on 18 Apr 1960, she was 81.
Census: on 1911 census it says 11 children born alive, with 6 still alive. 5 died address is 11 Cranbrook St Bethnal Green
They had the following children:
i. Daisy Lily (1900-)
ii. Charles E (~1903-)
iii. John (~1905-)
iv. Violet Rose (1907-1974)
v. Edward Arthur (1909-)
vi. James (~1910-)
vii. Robert Alfred (1912-1988)
viii. Doris Victoria (1913-1996)
ix. Florence Caroline (1919-2004)
5. Thomas Walter Smith. Born abt 1883 in Bethnal Green London.
On 28 May 1899 when Thomas Walter was 16, he married Eliza A Walker, daughter of James S Walker (abt 1845-), in St Pauls Church Haggerston Lnd. Born abt 1879.
They had one child:
i. Eliza (~1900-)
In 1899 When Eliza & Thomas Married her address was 81 Broadway London Fields it looks like 81 Thomas was at 55 Broadway Witnesses was Herbert Silliven or Gilliven (Could be Sullivan) & Caroline Smith Father of Eliza is James Walker Stallman deceased
6. Annie Rosena Smith. Born abt 1886 in Bethnal Green London.
On 3 Apr 1905 when Annie Rosena was 19, she married John Henry Gilkes, in St Paul's Church Haggeston London. Born on 24 Jun 1883.
They had one child
i. John Henry (1905-)
7. Edward Arthur Smith. Born on 2 Oct 1893 in Hackney London. Occupation: Carman.
In 4 Qrt 1911 when Edward Arthur was 17, he married Rosina Stannard, in Hackney District. Born on 12 Nov 1894 in 34 Turville Street Bethnal Green Lnd.
They had one child:
i. Florence (1915-)


  1. What fun to find something like this in your family history.

  2. That is quite an amazing story! I then spent quite a bit of time searching through the "Old Bailey" site trying to find any of my ancestors!

  3. Did any of your Stokes ancesters come to America? My married name is Stokes,LOL!

  4. Interesting stories about your family!
    Great fun reading about them!


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