Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A Christmas Gift Challenge End of Wk 9

Well it the end of Wk9 in the Christmas Gift Challenge (2nd Nov -8th Nov) I sort of cheated just slightly here as I did finish the 3 runners but needed to do the sewing down of the binding so rather than I worked on one runner which I would have got one or two done I worked on all 3 so they were fully finished actually yesterday (9th Nov) but so I could show them I have counted them as last weeks finished items.
The table runners have been done from my online group swap that was called Maker's Choice  we did this sometime ago & I thought they would be fine for table runners these are going to be gifts of course my DH asked me if I would do them for him to give so had to do them of course he don't ask for much quilting things.
I really do struggle with the binding & DH said do it all by machine, well the other day he said something when I was telling him about how much I really like some quilts that has such fancy quilting so he said it about time I learnt wasn't being nasty or anything so I explained that they done on a long arm & people either have their own or send it out or have much fancier machines which cost a lot well that soon had him thinking lol anyway when it came to the binding I do prefer if it was hand sewn down on the back so decided that what I would do as he said about time I learnt well it not just a case of learning it also my hands doing it anyway I started & done the first & was working on the second when I had to stop for something & DH said he do it so he carried on with that & I started the third one so between us we managed to get all 3 done yesterday.
But boy do I have very sore fingers I am having to find something to advoid this if I am going to do it this way especially if I want to do quilts, I have a metal thimble but it too big, I don't know how they do the size or you even work out what size you are also what is best as with a metal one you can't grab the needle very well, so what do all of you do & use
Weather is rather grey & I have been having some bad nights sleeping with me getting up in the middle of the night I did manage to stay in bed last night but was awake every 2 hours, I have been in pain with my back & hips so that not helped
I am waiting on the place where I got my machine to send the needle threader for it as while sewing I lightly knocked it & it came off it the little plastic lugs that hold the metal part to the plastic part that broke so a new one is needed.
I am working on some more socks so they should be done for next week report, so do get on with your Christmas gifts as it will soon be upon us have a good week of getting your gifts done


  1. Have you considered using a leather thimble for quilters. You can get them off Ebay and don't cost too much.

  2. Love the table runners. I have been thinking about trying those leather thimbles. I just don't like the way the metal ones feel and they never fit right anyways.

  3. there are jelly' type thimbles too...like a flexible silione...when I worked in a fabric shop, a lot of people loved them! It is so great that your hubby helped you with the runners...they look great!

  4. Hello Janice, I found the leather thimble the best, soft on the finger, easy to use...hugs lyn

  5. Janice, find some leather and I will show you how to make a thimble with it, I make them all the time for my girls. Charity shop leather gloves would do.
    Bring your machine on Saturday and the feet for it, and I will show you how to do the binding, I doubt I will have much to do.
    I will have to come over to you when we pack up and show you at your home---what say you???
    lol Jan
    You can do it all by machine, but it looks hand done.....truly

  6. I use a leather thimble too! Your runners are so nice!


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