Friday, 3 April 2009

Trainer Socks

Here is the trainer socks some may know them as sports socks they are socks which only go to the ankle.

I done these if you look closely you see the toe of one in different yarn this was because I ran out of the yarn this was a experiment so wasn't too worried about that.

I used 3.25mm to cast on instead of the 3.5mm I usually use & they came out a little tight for DH the body which is done on 2.75mm is fine I think that because the rib which is only 12 rows & 10 rows of knit before starting the heel needs a looser rib than a normal sock I am a tight cast on knitter so where I always knit in to the back of the stitch I think I shouldn't when it comes to socks especially these type.

I will be doing more of these over the coming months as they will be good for the summer when you want socks on but not normal ones as for these I will have them so they won't go to waste lol

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  1. Your socks are gorgeous. Nothing is wrong with the toe. You are the creater so, do as you please. :-) My son wears my socks all the time; I have so many colorful socks. I believe it is the style here; I see so many boys wearing colorful socks and mix matches to. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Knitting your stitches,
    sondoras (Easy Socks)


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