Monday, 30 March 2009

Mint Green Aran Sweater

Well I have Finished the Aran Sweater I was working on, have managed to complete it with the Month which I am rather pleased about.

The photo don't show the colour as well as I would like as it a nice Baby Mint Green, the yarn is Robin Baby Aran yarn it came in 400 grm balls & I have done this with 2 balls with some left over.

Now I have done a large garment i will go back to some socks, I want to experiment with trying out & doing some Trainer socks for DH i have some yarn left from a pair of socks I have knitted him so am thinking of using that but doing the heel & toe in black yarn just to make sure I have enough yarn as these will be experimental ones I am not too worry, I do think I can possible get 2 pairs of trainer socks from one ball as there is always yarn over from the ball when I have done a pair of socks & I know I am just a little short when i tried doing 2 pairs of socks for me from a ball, so keep watching this Blog for the results


  1. Lovely work as usual Janice..hugs Khris

  2. Your Aran came out beautiful. I love making these sweaters in "non-classic" colors.

    Great job!

  3. Janice,
    You did a beautiful job! I don't usually do pullovers. I loved the design and stitches. Very nice job!

  4. Oh I grew up with Arans and absolutely love them (Welsh family). You've used a beautiful pattern in a lovely colour.

  5. Your sweater turned out really lovely. Nice work.

  6. What a beautiful sweater! Love the color & the design! Is it for you or a baby? I couldn't tell from your blog.

    Trainer socks? What are trainer socks, are they sports socks? Can't wait to see them

  7. Beautiful work as always.......good job on this one.

  8. This sweater if just lovely---what is the name of the pattern? I hope someday I shall be able to knit like you do!!

  9. Your sweater is absolutely beautiful. The color looks good to me. I know what you are saying about photos not really transfering the true color sometimes. However, I must say I look better in photos than how I look sitting here right matter what color the photo shows!!


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