Friday, 20 May 2011

Gifts & a Book I ordered

This past week has been a funny one now I am not in to believing in Friday the 13th but DH lost his keys which included the spare for the car so after a week of searching & him saying he don't take them out the house, reporting it to police & asking the bus station if anyone has handed them in plus searching the house & his clothes, we went & got them copied yesterday.
This Morning he went to get his zip up cardigan/jacket which he wears sometimes & what is in the pocket yes that right his keys lol
Well to compensate the postman has been very good to me a friend has sent me a lovely package I had been asking about calico as what the USA calls calico & what we do is different so she said she would send me some well she gone way above that
I received not only some Calico she sent 3 pieces of fabric which has some really lovely outdoor scenic prints a Hot Iron Transfer of Bird Houses 2 patterns plus 2 books one for Breast Cancer & the other Christmas the first 3 photos shows the goodies.
I also received the book I ordered I had got the DVD for this which is Reversible Quilts & was waiting on the book so now I have both 
I did a Pot Holder/Hot Pad yesterday using the method as far as the block was concerned didn't do a reversible binding just wanted to try out doing the block.
So all in all this week is ending much better than last week when the keys was lost lol


  1. Sounds like this week was great just to make up for last week!

  2. What blessings our far away friends are! So glad you found the keys. I do that with my sun shades all the time.

  3. My Husband is always misplacing things. He'll swear that he put something where it belongs and the kids or I have moved it. Then I find it and he say oh yea, now I remember leaving it there. lol

    You had a good mail day! Love those panels in the second picture.


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