Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Wash Set

I have knitted a wash set I did the hand towel using   Basket Rib Pattern   I also did a Back Scrubber  plus a face mitt which I was given the pattern for which is done on DP I cast on 40 stitches over 4 needles did a rib for 10 rows & then on dps 1 & 4 i did moss stitch & DPs 2 & 3 was knit until required length & put 1 & 4 on to one needle & 2 &3 on to another & cast off, i used 4.5mm for the rib & 3.5 for the body.
If you want other patterns for various items then click  Here  for link below is the photo of my set which is done in Bernat Cotton Pale Yellow
Wash Set


  1. Your wash set looks great! I love the pale yellow color. When I was growing up my Grandmother (who raised me) always had pale yellow wash cloths and towels in the bathroom. Yellow was her favorite color.

  2. I saw your site on Bluebird Quilts blog roll and thought I would have a look as I have started to knit socks and to my surprise you have a pair of socks just like I am knitting see my blog near yours on Bluebirds roll. Thanks now I know I am doing the pattern right as the first sock looks just like yours Thanks.

  3. I love the colour you chose.


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