Monday, 2 May 2011

Blocks & Socks

I hope that you enjoyed our Royal Wedding which was on Friday us Brits do Pomp & Ceremony well I wish the couple a very Happy Life Together.
Well I am still working on the quilt which is for a wedding gift should be finished later this week.
I have done some blocks it for a swap on my Online Quilting Group the block is called Next Door Neighbour  & this is what is going to the 2 names drawn this month.

I also done a pair of socks in Bamboo it Happy Yarn which is 75% bamboo 25% nylon (polyamide) the colour is Jupiter (2513)

I haven't had any further sock orders so not knitting any at present, which is okay with the quilt I need to finish
Also on my group we are doing a KYO-BOM which is Keep your own Block of the Month in this those who signed up for it pick a block for one of the months so May's one is
called   Lover's Knot  This one I rather like & if you look on page 2 & at what some have done there is a lovely quilt done using Black White & Floral it the one done by Julia I may do this for my DD wedding quilt but using red not a 100% as I am also liking one or 2 other ones so not made up my mind yet
On the KYO-BoM I have to choose June's one have a few ideas but not decided yet, I am hoping to make decisions on blocks & quilt once the quilt is done & may be even after the 2 weddings this month the 1st will be for the one I done the quilt for which I will show later in the week, then a week after that wedding we have another one to attend so a busy month for weddings
I just ordered a new dress hoping it arrives in time & that it will suit me I will look for something else for DD wedding in October


  1. The blocks are so pretty - I just love stars.

  2. Your blocks are very nice.I like the top one. I didn't even notice the stars until I read the comments.

    I like the color changes on these socks. The changes so quick.

  3. I enjoyed the wedding, but liked Diana's more. See that you are busy with sewing. Your socks are lovely as usual.


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