Thursday, 22 July 2010

What I have received in the Last Week

I been very lucky this week, First item was on Monday it was a birthday present from my very good friend Lesley in Harlow you can see it a lovely teddy

Then I had on Tuesday a lovely surprise it was a quilting book which was from my son Karl, not sure if this wasn't in when he was there in May or he forgot it or what but I do also have to thank my sister Julia as she posted it the week before so thank you to both of you for the lovely book you see below

Then Wednesday I received a swap package which was from New Zealand this was from my swap partner Donna who is on a knitting group DRUs I belong to & you see she sent me a quilting magazine from New Zealand plus some yarn which will make some lovely winter socks this would be the same as our double knitting yarn, plus I received a lovely cloth funny thing was the one I sent was same colour lol plus some lovely coasters also which not shown a pin for the lapel & some fabric
So it been a great week for me, & to top it all someone has told me a bit more about the photo on my parents which I have on my Genealogy blog so Thank you to that person


  1. What lovely gifts and a belated Happy Birthday!

  2. Sorry to have missed your birthday. I hope it was a happy one!!

  3. Woww, what a great week for you getting so many parcels.


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