Sunday, 18 July 2010

My Week

What I have been up to since my last posting, well I will start with the boring bits to get them out the way lol
I have had to go for my eye check-up at the hospital as I have glaucoma, anyway the the check-up 2 before this one on the field vision it had changed the last one more or less the same this one well they didn't do it so I asked if I am okay to drive, well I have to tell the DVLA (driving licence people) so I come home to find out the number by going to their website & there is info on there seems I should have told them I have glaucoma when I first was told well no one told me.
Anyway downloaded the forms & filled them in as the Dr at the hospital said my vision is okay but it not up to them so I now have to wait to see if I can continue to drive until they say I will carry on.
During the week I had my upgrade to EQ7 this is what my DH paid for for my birthday which was yesterday, I also got from my friend Pat a June Taylor Shape cut Pro it is 20 by 23 inches & has slots every 2.5 inches this is something i will use a lot.
Yesterday I went to my Quilting group which was great so had lots of fun there we did a small runner but I hadn't cut enough for the 2nd border so I couldn't carry on with that so I finished sewing the triangles I had bought pre-cut together, when I got home DH had made me a trifle for after dinner really nice.
If you had seen my earlier post about the Missouri Star Quilting company & their video on Youtube, well I decided that I would get a 2 FQs & cut them up to different square sizes & do the pinwheel their method to see how they came out.
I have squares all up to near the inch or half inch in all but one,
10 inch squares I squared up to 12.5 inch block
8 inch squares I squared up to a 10 inch block 
6 inch squares I squared up to a 7 inch block
5 inch squares I just cut the ears off & it comes out to 5 3/4 inch block
4 inch squares I squared up to 4.5 inch block
The 7 inch squares I made a mistake in cutting & the 9 inch didn't have enough but it gives me a idea of what size squares to cut for what size block you can see the results below
So all in all not a bad end to a week where I done nothing craft wise


  1. Happy Birthday!! It worked out nice that your quilt meeting was on your birthday. A great way to spend the day :)

    Love the pinwheels! The green is nice. It would look nice in a St. Patrick's table runner with some four leaf clovers.

  2. Happy birthday. How are you liking EQ7?

    Your pinwheels look great. Now, how are you going to use all those different sizes in one quilt?

  3. Well done Janice, I have been playing with them too and hope to have something !!??!! for September with them, done and dusted as they say.
    Hope the DVLA is kind to you, I have everything crossed.
    jan x


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