Thursday, 1 October 2009

Angel of October

Happy October here is your angel of the month I hope that this month with be a good one for you all

~Windswept in gloryDivine purple huesThis angel of heaven A rapturous view
Wishing you happiness Wants you to beWrapped in her gloryA heart that is free
Cool winds to guide herDown to the landShows you the gloryHer heart in your hand
Warms you with sunshine Bright with her loveThis angel of wind She echoes above
Capture her heart As she comes in your viewForever this angel Will always love you
Breezes through earthWith special sweet songOctober's sweet angelYour heart will belong.~


  1. Beautiful angel with lovely thoughts.

  2. my angel is my mom!!! I picture her face on this angel...she was born in October and I lost her to breast cancer in 02....her fave color was pruple...thanks for sharing her with us Janice...Melinda

  3. i just read your comment on Kim's blog - about how you will spend your weekend ... and i'd just like to tell you i'm that sorry about your mom - my father crossed over on january 23 many years ago ... and that day is always the saddest day of the year for me ... take care


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