Monday, 26 October 2009

A Christmas Gift Challenge End of Wk 7

The end of Wk 7 (19th Oct-25th Oct) Am still doing the said challenge in that I have managed 1 gift this week the socks below, but that not that good my excuse is that I been working on the applique top so hope to do better this week, well it can hardly be much worst lol
My Sewing machine has arrived back this morning so I will use that so I can try it out to make sure it going okay I do need to cut some fabric for sashing & border on some table runners so hoping that I may get the ones I need to do done this week but after yesterday's shock not sure what this week will hold, I know that Thursday is out for sewing as having the boiler serviced & it is in the room where I have my computer & do my sewing so have to move stuff out the way so the engineer will have room plus not ruin any fabric.
How are you all doing on you holiday gifts are you on track or way behind what you need to do, come on do tell.


  1. Love the socks. I've knitted a couple single socks but never a pair yet.

    I'm feeling comfortable with my Christmas gift list. I have a vacation in mid November and I'm hoping to get all gifts finished by then...fingers crossed lol

  2. Beautiful socks! What size needles do you use?

  3. For probably the 1st time ever, I am in control with my quilty Christmas pressies. I just keep thinking it's all going too well, what's going to go wrong?


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