Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Book has Arrived

The book I had ordered from Amazon came the other day it Eleanor Burn's Quilts through the Seasons, I am watching it on the Rural Channel (279 on Sky) for those in the UK or possible europe who get Sky TV if not you can alway go to the Quilt in a Day site & watch it on there here a link to the Theater there is more than this one series on there
I like nearly all the quilts in there only one I am not fully sure of & that is the fish one it not that I don't like it I just can never see me even wanting to do I love the Horn of Plenty table runner that is one I expect that people who celebrate Thanksgiving will love here in the UK it not a holiday we have here so it be wasted.
I am going to continue with my Quilting Group Project I have to get it up to the next stage for Saturday so will be working on that in a bit so I guess that I had better get going as I have to put dinner on first so I can then sew this afternoon


  1. I have this book, but my favorite of hers is the Underground Railroad. I probably won't ever make the sampler quilt, but I love the individual blocks.

  2. It looks like a great book...Happy quilting! melinda

  3. I love her books. I don't own any, but have checkout many from the library.


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