Monday, 12 October 2009

A Christmas Gift Challenge End of Wk 5

The end of Wk 5 of the Christmas Gift Challenge (5th Oct -11th Oct) I have managed to do another pair of socks a scarf plus a table runner so I am a head of the challenge this past week as it is to do at least 1 gift a week.
This week I know I won't get so much done as I have to work on my Quilting Group project or I will be behind as we meet this coming Saturday (17th) so I suspect I will only get a pair of socks done as that is what I am working on in the evenings with the knitting.
I am waiting on a quilting book I ordered which is Quilt through the Seasons by Eleanor Burns, here in the UK on our Sky Satellite there is a channel called the Rural Channel (279) & it shows Quilt in a Day which I watch & at present they showing Quilt through the Seasons & I rather like the quilts so I thought I would get the book it is taking it time due to postal strikes that are happening in different areas of the country.
My DH has asked me to do some table runners as gifts so that more to the list of to do ones, do you have a favourite size for your table runners or some nice free patterns to share, I rather like these couple of sites Free Patterns which is not just for Quilting but also knitting & other crafts & the other one is Free Quilting you have to sign up to get the patterns but it is worth it.
I also do use e-pattern central but you pay for their patterns & it then you can download instantly I have had some very nice patterns from these as well, in fact if you look at my post for 8th Sept 2008 you will see a Prayer Shawl I knitted for my mum sadly she didn't get to wear it so I had her buried in it anyway this pattern came from a Prayer Shawl book I got from e-pattern central the original pattern does call for pockets but I didn't have enough yarn to do them, after Christmas I am hoping to do myself one it will remind me of my mum all the more.
The weather in the UK is getting colder but it a sunny day while I write this but they do say it will be colder at night, I know parts of Canada & the USA have already had some snow hearing that really lets you know that winter is on it way, well do share what you done if your taking this challenge


  1. YOu're ahead of the game with so many gifts comopleted. I've used patterns from epatterns as well. It's so convenient to just buy and then download immediately.

  2. Janice I love your Rail Fence quilt...I am a big Rail Fence fan. And your socks are lovely. I can't knit at all. Thanks for mentioning the link for the free pattern. I think there are a few quilts over there I would like to make. Have a nice day!

  3. Janice, how about placemats too, they are really quick to make. lol Jan x

  4. Woohoo, you're ahead of yourself with the challenge, well done. I'm currently making some runners too, and using blocks that I would not want to put in a complete quilt, as a way of trying new techniques.

  5. The placemat is lovely, and all of your knitted items!

  6. I love those socks...Janice. I have never learned to knit or crochet. I am kind of scared too...just what I more hobby!!!!

  7. Love the socks!!! and love the color they are...

    Nice job on another table runner, you are really getting a lot of those done! Sounds like you will be making more with the request from your DH :O)...Always nice when they like something we are doing :O)

  8. boy howdy! you sure do get a lot accomplished! i haven't finished anything in such a long time, i don't even remember what a finish looks like!


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