Monday, 8 September 2008

Knitted Prayer Shawl

Well I finished the Knitted Prayer Shawl for my mum, I was using the remainder of the Aran yarn I used in my Aran Sweater, so I ran out of yarn to be able to put the pockets on, if my mum likes it I & would like another I will do one with pockets, for those who wish to see the shawl with the pockets you can see it at the site I bought the pattern from which is at the link below
I will be taking this to my mum at the week-end, I now have to think what to start next I not made up my mind yet, so it may be a small item such as dishcloths, or socks (not that i am any good at doing them lol) or a larger item such as another Aran Sweater or Cardigan just thinking about it for the present


leeriner59 said...

This is awesome; you do amazing work. I love prawer shawls and know your Mum will love it with or without pockets!! Winter is headed this way early and I have tons to get done before it hits!(as usual)!!LOL!! God's blessings on you friend. Lin

Khris said...

Awesome work Janice...gosh you are getting lots done...wish I could whip things up like you do. Love it. Hugs Khris