Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hat & Me

Well it been a week where I am not well I have in the past had bouts of Labyrinthitis which is a sort of vertigo well the room started to spin on Tuesday, & was in bed, & while it not as bad as I have had as I took some tablets I have I still felt rough so Thursday went to the doctors who says I have Imbalance Vertigo & gave me some different tablets she thinks they are better.
Well I am still rough I find when I am in bed & go to move or turn over it worst during the day it a case of not moving too quickly so am not doing much or going anywhere can't even do any sewing as I can't take the needle going up & down & of course watching where I am sewing
I have managed to do my knitting so finished the 2nd hat so that is the 2 hats for the order done & have them packed up & ready to go in to the Mail.
You see by the photo below it the same as the one on the previous post just a different colour.
The size looks different but it the colour that makes it look like that as I did the same amount of rows for the rib then for the body so it goes to show that colours can make things look different.

2nd Hat done in Online Spot Range yarn

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Postcard & Hat

Saturday was my Quilting Group that I go to Well Janet who runs it is also on my online quilting group & she been hosting a postcard swap, which I have said no way am I doing one plus don't know how to do it.
Well she had fetched the stuff & got me doing one myself I think it okay nothing to write home about (for give the pun lol) but there again as everyone says you never think your own work is as good as others.
I also have finished the 1st hat of a 2 hat order I will be doing the 2nd in the same yarn just different colour the yarn is Online Spot Colour range
My 1st Postcard   

Hat Online 4 ply yarn in Spot Colour Range

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Maple Leaf Blocks

This week-end is my Online Quilting Group's Retreat well we are all around the World so we do it online & post & show what we are doing.
Myself on Saturday I will be at my Quilting Group so will be out for the day but still quilting.
The retreat starts from Friday until Sunday & we have a block lotto this time round it is the Maple Leaf Block below are 4 that I done.
I must say this is a block I do like I think it would make a great quilt or runner or just about anything don't you agree.
9.5 Inch Maple Leaf blocks

Monday, 13 September 2010

1st Hat

Here is the 1st hat I have knitted I did it on Double Pointed Needles (DPs) I started off with the stitches being over 4 needles but found it a bit awkward so went down to having them on 3 needles.
The pattern is from Lion Brand & is called Lake District   Hat   If you click on hat it will take you there it does say do it as garter stitch which is every row knit but they using straight needles by using DPs or even circular you knit every round but it comes out as stocking stitch.
I had wanted to use circular needles but the set I have are 100cm (40 inches) which was way too long I have ordered a set which is 50 cm these will be bamboo like the other set of circular plus my needles & DPs since I started using bamboo needles I really like them.
Anyway below is my 1st attempt of doing a hat, the yarn is not one I would normally gone for it is a 4 ply but I hate knitting with it when I knitted socks once the socks are done & washed they fine just not as nice & soft as some of my sock yarns

My 1st knitted Hat

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Emotion 4 Ply Socks & other Bits

I hope all those who had a holiday week-end last week enjoy it, our one in the UK was at the end of August.
I been busy I been working on a quilt & have the top done & cut backing fabric which I have made the width the length by joining 2 pieces then the length has become the width I am hoping to get it pin on Friday when my friend comes over.
I have finished the socks I started on Sunday these are made from the Online make the Emotion range yarn which is a 4 ply yarn 
These will be a gift for Christmas, well I have to start getting the Christmas gifts done or it will be here before you know it & we be rushing around trying to get things done where if I can make a start now I hope that I will avoid this I guess I just have to see if I succeed lol
Emotion 4 ply Yarn

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Angel for September

As we approach Autumn with it rich colours I hope that your life will reflex this
Wishing you a wonderful September & hope this angel will keep you safe throughout the month

On days when you're tired
Not sure you can go on
- Your Angel Knows -
And will wrap you in an Angel hug
To let you rest till your weariness is gone.
On days when you're down
Just feeling so blue
- Your Angel Knows -
And will tenderly take you in her arms
To cherish and help cheer you.

On days when you're hurting
Really feeling that pain
- Your Angel Knows -
And will wrap you in a blanket of love
To give you courage and help keep you sane.
On those nights when you're lonely
And there's no one to be found
- Your Angel Knows -
She'll gently enfold you in her wings
To give comfort and let you know
she'll always be around.

And on the days when you're happy
Things are going just right
- Your Angel Knows -
She'll smile and say a prayer of thanks
And give you an Angel hug so tight.
Day and night no matter what
Your Angel is always close by
To help guard you and protect you
Till someday you have your own wings to fly.