Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bamboo Socks

I must say I am going great guns with the socks, I finished this pair Tuesday night & have already started a new pair of socks.
These are using the Regia Bamboo yarn it a 4 ply yarn & knits up well very similar to the cotton ones which I previously shown & I am working on another cotton pair.
I not done any sewing (smack hand lol) I do want to get the socks done as I want to do some reading so may have a little break from knitting or at least not doing it as much 
These Bamboo ones will be in my gift stash as not knitted for anyone in particular so they either be a gift or I will use them.


  1. No surprises here...another beautiful pair of socks. You're quickly becoming the "Sock Lady" lol.


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