Friday, 4 June 2010

New Blog & Knitting Yarn

First I like to tell you I have created a new blog I decided to have one for my Family History so if that is what you are interested in then you can click on the link on the side bar, I only just done a welcome post today but do check back after today to see what is new.
Well I got the sock yarn I had won on ebay this was from a seller I get my yarn from in Germany I really did get a bargain as it was just a auction lot & not a buy now lot.
I have 8 balls of of a 100 grms each the range is called Spot-Colour & is a 4 ply yarn 75% Virgin Wool Superwash & 25% polyamide, I have a lot of the Online yarn just in different ranges & colours
I do really like the colours of course some much more than others funny how I tend to lean towards the browns, greys, blues more than the Pinks
I have taken time out to do some reading mostly Mills & Boon books as they are what I call easy reading & have finished 7 books I got from the library last week & have now taken them back but not got anymore out as I need to sew the binding on my quilt plus I will get on to some knitting some cloths & socks well I have to start to use my sock stash up & I have now with this lot got at least 3 different ranges that I haven't knitted one range is a 6 ply so should be interesting to see how it does.


  1. Pretty yarns. I know you'll make something really lovely from them.

  2. Congratulations on the new Family History blog - I don't think the link is active in the sidebar. Is the the new blog?

  3. The yarns are lovely! I am sure that you will love using them! Good luck with your new blog!

  4. Great idea Janice, I need to have a quiet word with you at the QS meeting sometime about that, I tried to start mine the other night, made a right mess of it.
    The wool looks gorgeous, if it knits up anything like the socks you made for me, you will be happy I know as they are so soft.
    Do you prefer knitting to Quilting?

  5. There are some gorgeous colours there. Are they all going to become socks, or do you have other things in mind for them?


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