Friday, 25 June 2010

Computers Love Them or Hate Them

I have had computer problems, I went to switch on the computer on Tuesday & while the light came on & what sounded like the fan nothing screen was okay as it came up with the message it does when the tower is not on.
Anyway so off I go looking for a new computer well the other one was being a bit slow anyway & been saying I may have to get a new one
I went to one place had a nice one which had a 24 inch screen but didn't get too much with it & with the warranty pushed it up so went next door & saw another one not quite as high spec but still good with a 20 inch screen they would let me get Office 2010 business one as I wanted Outlook for my e-mails at a good price plus they had Norton on half price & I asked for them to throw it in but got it for half again plus the waranty so came away with the computer.
Set it all up & switched the power on puff the tower blew so took it back & got a new one which I got them to try plus the mains lead well you never know.
Came home & set it up & put my disc I have to for the internet & it tells me that the operation sytem is not one it uses so phones my provider up thinking it be a week before I get a new version of the disc & the guy talked me through it you don't need a disc now so got online.
I have now had to try to figure out how to use the new computer & gone to Outlook & even that is different to the version I had on Office 2000 so still trying to figure all that out plus getting programs back on one won't as it was for windows 98 but it did work on XP but no way on Windows 7
With all this going on I haven't done much crafts so hope my next post will be more craft related


  1. Switching to a new computer is frustrating. Everything is different. Won't be long before you are comfortable again :)

  2. Sounds like you've been busy, but you'll soon get used to the new computer, and then you'll love how fast it is.


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