Wednesday, 2 June 2010

DH's Vee-Neck Top

This is the Vee-Neck sweater I done for DH I used a sleeveless pattern for it & then when it said pick up stitches for rib around armholes I cast on that & then changed to stocking stitch & did the short sleeve
Well this wasn't such a great idea as the short sleeves came out way too big so what I did was sewn the excess then cut the sleeve so it was a cut & sew sleeve I use to use this method on necks when I machine Knitted but haven't done anything like that for at least 10 years
The sweater is just to keep DH shoulders warm not for going out in as he does have other sweaters but needed this for when he indoors or working about outside
All in all it hasn't turned out too bad I am pleased with the Vee part & with DH not being a small man I knew he needed room around the arms otherwise he do nothing but moan lol
I taken the photo by putting it on a dressmaker's dummy well best way of doing it lol it a nicer green than the photo really shows.
I am glad that I have finished it as now I can get back to smaller items of knitting, but before that I am taking a bit of time to do some reading as I am giving the hands a rest before I have to start sewing the binding on the quilt.


  1. I really like that sweater... I really should do some knitting again!

  2. I haven't finished a sweater I started 2 years ago. All the pieces are done - just need to put it together. You've inspired me to get it out and do that last step. I always love seeing what you've been knitting.

  3. I've made one sweater for my Grandson. I love the process but I don't always have the patience for it. Hubby's sweater turned out great!

  4. Good job as always. I'm sure Greg must like it.

  5. Well done on finishing what looks like a really useful top. Bet your hands are pleased you've finished it?


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