Wednesday, 30 June 2010

End of the Month

Well it the last day of the month & we halfway through the year, I guess we should be thinking of getting projects done for Christmas so we don't get caught out when you think of it, it not like we don't know when it is or it is coming yet so many of us have that last minute rush.
I haven't done much I did a mini back scrubber more to use some yarn up I do find that the smaller balls of cotton are a little small but as I can't just pop out to get some I don't have more than 1 ball of a colour so it does make it harder but I always do the handles first that way I don't run out before I finish.
On the sewing side went to Quilting group on Saturday as I been in pain with my back plus with all the computer problems I just took the precut triangles I had bought & started to sew them together.
Janet at the group asked what I was going to do with them & I said Pinwheel & she suggested getting 2 of the sew triangles & put them together but oposite so if i was say using red & black I would have them face right sides together but oposite fabric then draw a line corner to corner (oposite the sewn corner to corner) then sew quarter inch either side of the line & then cut on line & I would have 2 blocks with 4 triangles in.
I will be getting some scraps of fabric & cutting some triangles of the size I have & doing them so I can check the size of the blocks when done also same with doing one pinwheel so I can check the size of that block then I can decide on what I will do with them.
There no photos to share as not taken any plus I not got the camera set on the computer yet.
I have to put on my EQ5 & then the upgrade 6 I going to do that as I am not sure when mu upgrade to EQ7 will be arriving & I am unable to play so need to do that
Well Happy Sewing/Knitting/Crafting & don't forget to start making your Christmas to do List


  1. I guess it really is time to start thinking about Christmas projects, but I have so many things going I hate to start on anything else. What will you be making?

  2. I kept telling myself that I better get started on Christmas gifts but I'm not getting very far. We have lots of birthdays coming up and that's what I am trying to work on now.

    I LOVE pinwheels!! I make them the way you described. Draw a line down the center, sew on each side, etc. I did find this video recently that I want to try next time I make pinwheels:

  3. Christmas? Already? Eekk, I can't even think about it yet.

  4. I can't think of Christmas yet, but it will come soon enough...time is flying!


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