Monday, 14 June 2010

Crafts & This & That

I finished a pair of socks using from the last lot of yarn I got I posted a photo on 4th June about the yarn 
I have also done a cloth & a back scrubber using Sugar N Creme cotton
I not been as busy on crafts of late as I have been spending more time on Genealogy (see my other blog) so have't got as much done as I would like I am hoping to start on another single quilt plus I am waiting on some pre-cut triangles I bought off Ebay I bought 4 packs each pack contains 80 that 2 of each fabric which is in a Civil War Repo with the 4 packs thought I would turn them in to Pinwheel blocks for a quilt
I know that some have received there EQ7 already but that those in the USA here they saying July well that okay don't pay until it ready to send.
Apart from having a shock with my Sky (Satellite Channels) account they sent a bill for way more than they should nearly £113 well I phoned them as I had been told I could have it on a special offer for 6 months well after sorting it out I have to pay this month £46.10 that because I have to also pay in advance but they had over charged last month as well but from next bill it only be £23.25 plus I have the offer now for 12 months so we have cricket for the Ashes end of the year in to next plus we have the movies not that I am too bothered if we never had them but as a few months ago I was paying £23 for just the entertainment ones no sports or movies & I took some of the channels off so I think I have a good deal lol


  1. Good job arguing with the satellite company! Alot of cable/satellite companies offer those set prices for 6 months and then charge you full price after 3 months. I think they just hope you won't notice or argue. Glad to hear you also received those extra months. Good for you!!

  2. Good for you Janice for taking on the company...glad you were able to get some satisfaction!

    Love the socks..
    Julia ♥

  3. Well done on your battle with Sky.

    I love the colour of the blue socks.

  4. Very nice socks Janice!


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