Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sock & Other Things

I have finished the 4 pairs of socks that are for my DBIL he asked me to do he paid for the yarn which is 4 ply Regia sock yarn he went for Green so all 4 pairs are green just different shades the darkest one is the only pair my DH said he be seen dead in certainly not his colour lol
I haven't been feeling great lately mostly pains in my leg I am still waiting on the results of the MRI scan I had on my leg which has a lump on it but funny enough it not that what is giving me trouble the pain in that leg is higher up near the knee & just over a bit where the lump is near to the ankle but on the shin.
But I am also getting a lot of sort of cramp pain it now not just at night it can be in the foot or the leg & it feels a bit like you tearing the muscle at times but even when I don't have the cramping part the leg still hurting a lot so difficult to walk & this is mostly on the other leg to the lump.
Then just as I don't like doing things by halves I went for my yearly check-up because of my heart they do weight, blood pressure ect well I am on tablets for my BP & guess what yesterday it was low 80/60 so the practice nurse has said to come back in a week to see the treatment nurse & get it done again but also to leave the water tablets I take out as that could be making the bp drop too low
I wasn't feeling right yesterday anyway so I guess it was the BP also I am not sleeping very well that said had a better night last night took a couple of pain-killers but I have to be careful as sometimes even over the counter ones can upset my stomach so that why I don't take them much.
I did last week go to the library & got some large print Mills & Boon books plus Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber & another book, I have read the Summer on Blossom Street which was good easy light reading also 2 of the M&B ones I did order a book it is Lark Rise to Candleford trilogy this is by Flora Thompson she is Laura Timmis this has been made in to a series by the BBC they done 3 so far the first series had Dawn French in I really enjoy it set in Victorian times & is about a hamlet which is Lark Rise where the poor folk live & Candleford where the better off live & Laura Timmis at the start of the series go to work & live at the post office in Candleford so it will be interesting to read how she wrote the book & not just how they made it in to the drama that on TV.
I have started to cut some fabric for the blocks of my next quilt but DH has been saying give it a rest so that is partly what I will be doing resting & carrying on reading.
I sent my Silver machine for a service, well I knew it would possible need a new bulb but somehow I made a hole in the actual bobbin case so that as well had to be replaced neather came under the warrant so had to pay out for that which wasn't cheap well machine came back & the cover which covers the bulb was broken it where you screw it to it anyway got on to them & had a replacement sent at their cost of course so that arrived this morning.
Yesterday I got some flannel arrive that I had ordered which worked out at a very good price they was selling either pink or blue you got 2 x 2.5mts of a 90 inch wide piece of flannel so I ordered some of each then my friend has has 1 piece blue & 1 piece pink well I ordered this before the cost of the machine lol & it worked out if I order 1 pack or more same postage so ordered a few so I now have enough flannel for backing to keep me going for a good while if I want flannel on the quilt which if it for me I will be doing.
I am still waiting on some packages from the USA 1 ordered at the beginning of April not sure if the Volcano & the distruption to flights has caused the delay just hope they arrive soon.
This week-end is a Holiday week-end here in the UK as Monday is a holiday it the May Day bank holiday which is the 1st Monday in May weatherman says not going to be very good weatherwise but what new well you all have a good week-end especially if it is a holiday week-end for you also.



  1. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been well. I hope they soon figure out what's wrong and that you'll be on the road to recovery. Love the socks you've made.

  2. Your socks, as usual, are pretty. Hope you are feeling well!

  3. Hey Janice, sorry to hear you not doing so good, will be seeing you soon, hopefully you will be better a little, the socks look gorgeous. I love mine.
    Jan xx Take care

  4. Sorry you're having such a rough time healthwise. I hope things get sorted out quickly for you.


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