Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Computer & Finished the Quilt

What a nightmare my computer has become I have had to reformat it yet again this time at least it seems to be smoother still having trouble my office 2000 won't load I only want Word for so I can have a spell check on my outlook express e-mails I have Works on the computer yet both being microsoft you think they would allow the spell checker to be either one but no so am not happy.

That said I finished the quilt, well I still need to do the label on the back it not quite big enough well I say generous enough for the twin single beds as they are fixed togetheri was restricted to the size as I used a really beautiful flannel on the back but it was only 45 inches wide so cut it in to two & joined it together.

But I really could have done with a extra half a yard or so on the whole thing so when doing it this could have been another 10 inches or there abouts but it okay I used a 100% cotton wadding DH can't take the weight of quilts & he didn't think I would be warm enough with this but it wasn't too bad last night had a rough night because was getting very bad cramp in my leg this is not the leg I had my MRI scan on yesterday (waiting for results now) but the other one & it was more the foot but it kept me from sleeping with the way it was.

Anyway here is the photos of the quilt I call it Sunbonnet Sue as every other one is a SS block I did buy these ready made so only had to put them on to the background fabric, then I picked 3 different blocks each different block was done in bright colours my DH said he never be able to sleep with this as it too bright it would keep him awake lol actually he said this morning as long as he don't have to wear such bright colours he has no problem with me using it in the home so may be more will be forthcoming lol

I haven't quilted it as much as I would have liked I found that the size has stopped me so I done stitch in the ditch that is the biggest problem I think with doing large quilts at home so am thinking of doing 2 singles next time this may land up on the back bedroom bed as that just a normal double size bed so this would fit nicely on there but will have to wait for the replacement quilts lol


  1. So far I haven't been able to use my machine to do a large quilt. I usually do them by hand, which is much easier for me. Like your Sunbonnet Sues.

  2. Your Sunbonnet Sue quilt turned out beautiful. I love bright quilts :)

    I've quilted a king size quilt on my home machine but it wasn't fun.

  3. Love the sunbonnet quilt Janice.
    I like to sleep under a quilt and not a duvet. We have a sheet and a blanket, then a quilt. Your DH will get used to it !!!

  4. You get a better night's sleep under a Quilt, especially if it has been made for you. Try it and see.

  5. Great quilt Janice.

    Hope you get your computer sorted out soon, and the MRI results are good.

  6. Your Sunbonnet Sues are cute!Hope your computer issues are resolved soon!

  7. It is beautiful Janice!!!! Good for you....big quilts are a lot of work to get them quilted.....you did a great job...
    Tell hubby if the colors are too much, to put on sunglasses cause you are keeping the quilt....lol!

  8. Janice, all your quilts are beautiful, thanks for sharing and have a great day!


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