Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Quilting Talk

It been a while since my last post, not done too much had to redo the computer again but it does seem to be more or less okay fingers crossed there is one program that won't load hope to rectify that soon with a upgraded version of it when it arrives.
Been knitting am on the last of 4 pairs of socks that I am doing for DBIL he paid for the yarn & I am knitting them hope to share a photo when I finish this pair of all of them.
I been planning some quilts I been doing them on the EQ6 also I have heard that there will be a EQ7 coming out no news about it until next month hope then will know more about what it is & the differences not that I am planning to get it but it nice to know what is going on
That said I did get a set of 3 classic applique discs to go along with the EQ they are 1920s & 1930s blocks, Batimore album & Folk Art blocks
I am hoping to start a single quilt using mostly homespun fabric may also use some Thimbleberries or Moda with it but will see how I go when I pull all the fabric out for it.
I also have while playing on the EQ designed a Queen Size On Point quilt which I am hoping to do using 1930s fabric I design it as you will see from the image below I will have some plain squares these I planned using the 10 inch layer cake fabric I got so no cutting there then lol the blocks will be bear's paw the colouring may not be just like the image it was me messing around also you see one not coloured I left that so it would when getting yardage give me what they say for one block.
I am hoping to do 2 of each fabric for the blocks & using the same background fabric for all then it will tie in more.
Not sure when this one will be started yet, & my machine is off for a service on Friday so won't have it back until next week I can still use my other machine for blocks for the single quilt if I get the fabric cut so it be a case of watch this space


  1. I like the layout and colors of your next quilt. I don't have any version of EQ but I have heard planning and playing on it can be very addictive.

  2. It will be a lovely quilt Janice...I love '30's fabrics..
    I do have EQ6, but have no idea how to design on it yet...I mainly print out blocks in the size I need on it..
    must see about taking lessons..
    Julia ♥

  3. this will be a great quilt.....I sure love the socks you make too....i always admire a good pair of socks!

  4. Your 1930's design looks lovely.

  5. I will have to get EQ7 for sure. Loe the layout!


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