Monday, 22 March 2010

My Week-End

Had a good week-end, On Saturday was my quilting group & we was to do a mini table runner the block is the basket with a 4 patch block in between the two baskets which I have done as you see by the photo.
It not finished as I would like to do it bigger so I have thought of doing 2 four patch blocks & 1 basket & then put the 4 patch block next to the baskets & the basket next to the 4 patch so hope to do that later today after doing some boring jobs such as housework lol.
I also posted photos of the Sunbonnet Sue that will go with my blocks for the quilt I have only take a photo of 6 as the other 6 are the same so you see the ones I have plus a closer up one, so I have 2 of each colour to go with the blocks in previous post.
Sunday was a beautiful day & DH & me went off to some gardening centres well have to take him out occassionally lol while out we had lunch out had a lovely roast beef dinner I had no potatoes just other vegetables it came also with a apple crumble for pudding & we had a soft cold drink all for a very good price.
Anyway we are limited for space as we don't really have a back garden as such & DH likes to grow his own vegetables & he wanted a trough or a raised bed type thing we saw one that would do but was expensive anyway at this gardening centre they sell fish ect & they had some holding ponds which are like very large sinks or mini baths so I suggested what about them & he looked & we got 2 of them they will be idea as they are fibreglass they won't rot unlike wood plus for the 2 of them they cost less than one of the planters which we saw & much less than the large raised bed & we have more room than if we got either of them, so I do come up with some good ideas for him occassionally lol
He will be attempting to grow Celeriac which we love, DH seems to be at his happiest when he pottering around outside he hates being couped up inside & if he don't go out he can get grumpy lol also as he says he in a lot of pain & if he don't keep moving he will seize up & that he won't be able to do anything so he keeps on plus if your busy you can work through the pain as your mind is on other things.
Today is a nice day weather wise but it will be unsettled with rain during the week here or so they say so will have to see how it goes.
On a previous post someone asked if I had to pay duty on my 1930s fabric well no as while I bought 50 FQs it came in two packages so value was split so it was under what I am allow.
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  1. That is such a clever idea for a table runner. I've never seen that basket block before, and it is so cute.

  2. I loved the colours you did Janice for your runner, I look forward to seeing it finished, I believe you were going to enlarge it! Love those Sunbonnets, you will have to tell me if you need any more patterns for them, I got zillions.
    lol Jan x

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

  4. I like your basket runner. I agree that it needs to be a bit bigger. I think your idea will look great!

    Love the Sue blocks and your layout for the quilt. It's going to be such a fun quilt. You are just cruising along with it :)

  5. Your dutch doll blocks make me think of my grandma that raised me...I miss her so.. when I was little we worked on blocks like those together :O)...

    Your DH is right.. better to be busy and work thru the pain... my thinking has always been, I am goin to hurt no matter so I might as well be doing something I enjoy while I hurt LOL...somehow makes it better :O)...bless his heart..


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