Saturday, 27 March 2010

Mini Runner

Well it certainly been a week, I did the mini runner if you look at earlier post you see that I did the one strip which was done at quilting group but at home I have made this larger & the photo is of it finished.
I have received 2 of the 3 books I ordered plus some more 1930s style fabric also some new applique CD which is for the EQ program I haven't as yet loaded them on.
Reason I haven't loaded them is that I have major problems with computer & a virus so have had to work on it & am still loading programs back on I know that one program won't load but this is not my Quilting program but Office 2000 I have Works but office has word & I need that to be on for a spell checker on Outlook Express strange that both are microsoft yet OE needs word yet it don't come up with it they use works
Well I guess I better get back to loading programs on computer


  1. Pretty little table runner. I did one with the baskets as well, and will post it this evening.

  2. I love the way your table runner turned out! I like that you have 3 baskets instead of an even number like 4. Makes it look more interesting :)

  3. Well done Janice, that looks so pretty. Jan

  4. The colours are lovely - I can almost smell lilacs looking at it.


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