Thursday, 18 March 2010

Aran Sweater & More Blocks

I have finished the last of the pattern blocks which now only leaves the 12 Sunbonnet Sue to do have to cut the background fabric for those then put the SS on to them.
The blocks I just done I taken a photo of all of them in one then a closer one of just one of the 5 I have done.
In the other photos you will see the Aran Sweater I been working on i done a full shot & a closer one, am rather pleased with it & it took around 3 weeks to do which again am rather pleased with.


  1. I love the Churn Dash blocks, such a bright and cheery color. The sweater is just a knockout! Love the color and the pattern is wonderful.

  2. Beautiful sweater! Great job getting it done in 3 weeks.

    Love the colors on these blocks too. They will work with the others perfectly. You have such a nice balance of colors going on.

  3. What lovely colour for the blocks. And that jumper is lovely too....

  4. That sweater is a work of art!!! WOW!!! Very nice girly!!


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