Monday, 4 January 2010

2010 Challenges & Plans

It is the beginning of the first full week of a New Year, here in the UK we have had & still having some very wintery weather this morning it was very heavy frost & icy roads the weather report for the country showed it was minus 14c in the Highlands of Scotland & even around this area it was minus 8c & the forecast for the coming week is that we could be getting snow well there is snow on it way it whether it misses where I live.
On to what I hope to do, well I issued a Table Runner Challenge to my online Quilting group  Q4A  What I am doing is that I have a pattern I got from a free site which I will send to those on group who signed up, I will post the site & say which pattern after Next Sunday when the group would have received the pattern.
The idea is that they will do the pattern can of course make some adjustments I know I will as I would like it longer, choice of fabrics & colours are theirs also as this is a No Post one it will be for themselves or to give away but at least I will not have to track who sending what lol they will have until 10th March to complete they will send me a photo so I can add to a album on my group & then we will vote & the winner will be shown on homepage.
I have also signed up to a table runner swap this is with a different group that I belong to so will need to do that one have to February to do that one.
I will also be doing a single quilt for me I have decided that this year will be the year I do more for my home & me as all the quilting things I have done most has gone for gifts I only have some placemats so I want more in my home.
The other thing that will be a ongoing thing is that I will be doing 1 gift a month at least it like the Weekly Christmas Challenge I set myself but at present it only 1 gift a month it will need to be increased I guess later on in the year when I know who will get what but all the gifts will go in a gift stash which I can dip in to during the year if need be.
So while I have not set any New Year Resolutions I am setting myself Challenges the age old one is also along in there I want to weigh less this time next year than I do now I have managed it that I weigh less than I did this time last year but still have a long way to go before I don't need that to be one of my challenges.
So what Plans, Challenges or Resolutions are you setting for yourself? one thing do take time for you as without you your family would be lost so make that time to relax chill out & do what you want not what others want Last but not Least a Very Happy New Year to All my Followers & Anyone Else who reads my blog


  1. I like how you have called your goals "challenges". "Resolutions" are almost meant to be broken, but if you are trying to conquer a challenge, you might fight more to accomplish it.

    I don't have any big plans for holiday crafting this year. I made 8 quilts for Christmas this year so nothing big in 2010. It feels strange but I am leaning towards gift cards this year.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. I visited your group, and it looks quite interesting. Is that your quilt on the page? It's really pretty, and I remember that you were making that pattern with those colors. I haven't come up with any resolutions yet, other than the age old one to weigh less next year. Sometimes it happens, but I guess it's a battle I'll always be fighting.

  3. It looks like you will be very busy! Enjoy all of your projects!

  4. Happy New Year to you and DH, glad we have caught up.....No resolutions for me this year...LOL...Hugs Lyn

  5. Hello there in the UK
    Your comments always seem to be the first on Kim's Blog and I love reading them. Dah! I thought I would get out of my box and introduce myself to you. Your site and interests are very nice. My Ten 'n Ten UFO Challenge is what I am working on this year. Making Resolutions is something I have avoided in the past, yet, it looks like I am going to have fun with my UFO's this year - and I am still excited about doing them. Thank you and I will start stopping in over 2010.


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