Friday, 1 January 2010

Angel of January

Happy 2010 I hope that this finds you all well, I have not posted much in December I not been on the computer as much as I had been previously hope to be a better blogger this year.
Here is your Angel for January may she guide & guard you throughout the Month & may you go will God's Love & Blessings

Angel Of January

January's angel
She holds love in her hands

Protects the world above

Watches over land
Her majesty revealed

Her strength within her wings

This beauty of the heavens

Harmoniously she sings
Winds to echo softly

The Philharmonic strings

She guards us and protects us

With strength from up above
She is standing in the wonder

Of God's devoted love

Chosen from all others

To protect us from afar
This angel great and mighty

She just blends within the stars

Look up at the power of

The beauty of the sky
See the colors she reveals

To every precious eye

A protector of the majesty

In everything she holds
The world it is her captured guest

Her heart will just unfold

January's angel

A joy from way above
Sends to you the compliment

Of God's eternal love


  1. Happy New Year! Good to see you back. I also didn't post much in December; the month is just too busy. I look forward to seeing what you you're making for the new year.

  2. Happy New Year. Thank you for your Angel of January. I love all the Angels you post. Nice to have you back on the blog

  3. Good to see you back. Hope you had a Happy Christmas, and have a great 2010.

  4. Hope 2010 is a wonderful year for you xx

  5. Hi Janice,I was your patchNquilt Santa last year.I hope you enjoyed your and I look forward to seeing your knitting and other craft projects in 2010.


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