Sunday, 10 January 2010

What a Start to the New Year

Well had a bit of a start to the New Year with all the cold weather & snow we been having in the UK my boiler decided to pack up called the engineer out & it needed new part which he didn't have so had to be ordered
So we was without central heating or hot water for few days we do have a gas fire in the sitting room & we put a electric fan at the bedroom end of the bungalow but we really was cold when we wasn't in the sitting room took hot water bottles to bed & had to boil the kettle to wash & do any washing up.
The engineer was due back on a morning call on Friday but he got stuck on other jobs so it was late afternoon before he came, but he fixed it & we could have heat again let the place warm up it was so cold that even walking on the carpets with nothing on my feet they felt cold/damp but by Saturday they are okay.
We had a hot bath to help us get really warm & the boiler seems to running fine now.
Because of all this I had to move my trolly drawer which on top of that I also have stash on as well as in the drawers so had to listen to DH saying how much I have well I can't help it if I don't have space to put that lot away lol
I now put the place back to normal that the problem if there is a problem or even just a service on the boiler I have to move my stuff to allow the engineer to have room plus don't want him damaging any of my stash now do I lol it does make me realise that I do have a lot of fabric not as much as some but for the space I have it over flowing so I really must make more of a effort to use it well if i use it I can always get more lol
Well hoping that next week will be a better one & I will start on some project will be telling you about the quilting challenge that my online quilting group will be doing & linking a pattern for you to see.


  1. Omigosh, I can't imagine trying to deal with this winter without the central heating working. I'm glad to hear that yours is back in good working condidtion, but sorry to hear that hubbie found out how much stash you have! That's something we never want them to know!!

  2. I'm glad you've got your central heating working again - its not the time for it to pack up like that. Even with our heating on the house was cold so have been having a log fire in the evening to cheer ourselves up, but running out of wood very quickly. Looking forward to some warmer weather, Ros

  3. Brrrr! We've been very cold here in sunny Florida too. If your tootsies are cold you are cold all the way to the bone.

    Glad you were able to warm up.

  4. I hope you're feeling warmer now? Why do boilers always choose the coldest time of the year to go wrong?

  5. Glad to hear the boiler has been repaired....I loathe the cold and was very hot overnight and we are waiting for the cool change...Hugs Lyn


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