Thursday, 22 October 2009

Received in Post Swap & PIF

I received some lovely items in the mail today from Khris in Australia who is also doing a Give-away, the first photo is a beautiful drawn string bag & some coasters/mug mats in a nice little holder this was for me signing up to her PIF I have shown the mats so you can see both sides.
The second photo is of a lovely pin cushion with a needle purse which I have it open in the third photo these are all lovely & was for a swap we did, Thanks Khris
Today had to be up early as we had a electrician coming to fit a cooker/stove point in so by the time he came did it all it was going on to midday so we had lunch before we went off out for our weekly grocery shop.
We done our shopping plus we got some joints of meat for the freezer so we won't starve lol
I also had a call from the sewing machine shop where my Brother BM2600 went off to they did say the handle which lowers & raises the needle was tight but it seems that I had not quite located the bobbin case in correctly & that was the problem they have been testing it & have it all set up correctly & it will go out on tonight's pick up so may get it tomorrow or Monday when it arrives back I will take a photo of the bobbin so I can see how it done I done this with the settings as then I know I can reset back to normal if I don't do the photo I know I will forget it not like my Silver Viscount machine if you switch off it set back to normal as it computerised where the Brother is mechanical.
So it not sewing today after shopping will just knit as I am rather tired especially as I am not sleeping too well I am waking up every couple of hours which don't give you a good nights sleep.


  1. Lovely, lovely gifties!!!! *grin*

    I'm almost finished with my PIFs... can't wait to get them sent off, actually!

    Tks for sharing...


  2. Isn't it amazing how time goes so quickly. I signed up for the PIF in April and thought I would have things out early but time just disappears...hope you like and enjoy your gifts Janice...hugs Khris


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