Sunday, 18 October 2009

Just Another Sunday?

After my Good day in all yesterday was my Quilting Group day so off I went with machine (brother 2600) & all that I needed plus my friend from across the road Pat came so was working on my project.
Then had to start sewing the next lot applique that I had put on Janet who runs the group helped me well she started to do it so set to zig zag & it was going well did think it was slightly noise but some machines are then I did some & Jan came back over & the machine seemed to skip a stitch every so often so said to clean it which I did not that it needed it as this is the machine I got in June & is only used for Quilting Group, anyway put it all back & it just wouldn't seem to let the top thread pick up the bobbin thread well it caught it but the top thread seems to get stuck somewhere so after several times of taking it apart & re-putting it back still no luck also the wheel/handle at the side that lowers & highers the needle this seems to be very hard compared to what it was well today had DH strip it down & re-assemble it & still no luck so will phone the shop to arrange a collections for them to sort it out so that will be gone I guess around a week I will have to use my main machine (Silver Viscount 9500E) which I don't mind except I had started on the brother & so it will be slightly different stitch but I know the settings on this so it better I can be more consisted
Am off to knit now want to finish a pair of socks I am doing so I have a gift completed this week, as I been working on the Quilting Group Project it taken it time so not much else has got done
I won't post photos of my project until I get a bit further on but you can see mine plus lots of other ones & how different they can look at Jansmusing well worth popping over to look


  1. Good luck with the project! It sounds lovely and have fun with your knitting!

  2. What a nuisance about the machine, but at least you have another one to use.


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