Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Applique Top So Far

I finished the applique on the top that I am working you all remember it my Quilting Group that I go to once a month project.
Here is the Appliqué top I am doing so far it still needs work doing to it but the Appliqué is all done if you wish to see how it should look to This & That Fabric
Scroll down to Back to Grannys & that what this is suppose to be like as you will see it needs more squares to go round the to make it bigger still not sure if I will just do it to the size it given yet you all know when I come to finishing it lol

I must say while I have never done any applique I have enjoyed it wish my sewing on the bits was better but they say practice makes perfect well I am going to need awful lot of practice lol.This has not been without it problems biggest one the machine I take to group decided to not work right on Saturday, had been getting some sewn then I had to stop, the machine will be delivered to the shop today as I been tracking it they picked it up yesterday so with luck it could be back by next week.Am working on more socks on the knitting side, when I go shopping this week I want to look at some kids colouring books to see if there is anything in it that I could do as applique who knows what out there.Weather is damp today it was raining from last night to early this morning while it stopped for now it is damp they say that the wind is making it feel colder being indoors it not as cold as it was yesterday so I guess it will be the wind that makes feel worst & not so much lower temperatures long gone is summer well didn't really have a great one here in the UK yes it was dry & warm but never really had very hot long spells not like we use to get years ago now I am sounding old talking about the Good Old Days & When I was young lol so I better shut up now


  1. This is a gorgeous top! You work looks wonderful! I love your colors. It will be fantastic when you finish it! I hope your machine gets fixed quickly--I know how I feel when mine is not working.

  2. What great colours you are using in your top. I look forward to seeing it finished. Yes, children's colouring books are a great place to look for applique shapes too.

  3. it's a great top so far! I know you must be having fun with the applique.

  4. Your applique looks wonderful!

  5. Janice,
    Instead of buying coloring books I print out kids coloring sheets off the internet. That is actually where I got the fruit for the tablerunner for our group that I did. Just a thought. They are free and I have found quite a variety of them. Sissy


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