Friday, 21 November 2008

Toddler's Aran Cardigan

I finished the Toddler's Aran Cardigan, what a nightmare the knitting of the parts was fine but the bands well the pattern wasn't very good it called for way too little stitches to be picked up & the way they say to do it seem to me wrong comparing to other patterns i have done cardigans with so i have decided not to do the leggings if i have the trouble with them like i have with the cardigan & i done cardigans before i would get really annoyed with them so am not going to bother, as luck has it it is a cardigan that looks okay on it own.

I will at least be able to now start something else not sure if i will do some more socks or what yet will decide later, after i have done some housework well i been putting it off so better do it while i can lol


  1. wow Janice I saw the progress pic and thought my oh my that looks great, now it's all done it looks fantastic well done
    cheers Vickie

  2. Janice love the Cardigan!!! Any child will be warm in that!!!! Hope u are doing ok. Hugs mavie

  3. Lovely cardigan. Very nice work. Someone is a lucky toddler.

  4. That's a sweet little cardigan Janice. I bet the little one looks really cute in it.

  5. Gorgeous! Lots of work in there.


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