Tuesday, 26 February 2013

This, That & Some Others

 I haven't posted for a while so what have I been doing well as the title says This, That & some others so here goes

Just finished a Aran Sweater for DH, when I did this didn't think it was going to fit I think that while it came to size his shoulders would be the next size anyway I washed it & it has dropped slightly plus just eased as he said it was a bit tight going over his head but after the wash it don't I would do the next size when I do another one for him but in no rush lol
Chocolate Aran Sweater

I also been playing around doing what is called Fabric Boxes I am not sure if that the correct description but that the title in my friend's book these you can put cotton wool or some other bits even your sewing bits in, i also had a go at doing a tissue holder just the sort you can put in to your bag
Fabric Boxes & Tissue Holder
Inside fabric box
Inside fabric Box
Tissue Holder

I also knitted 2 cloths which are quilt inspired for a swap then i done 2 pot holders to go with them they are friendship Star & Nine Patch 

Nine Patch Pot Holder

Nine patch Cloth   
Friendship Star Pot Holder
Friendship Star Cloth

Here is also some other pot holders i have sent in swaps

I have also been getting some templates I got Log cabin Trim Tool got 2 one is for a 
8 inch block & the other is for a   6 & 12 inch   block the 8 inch video is not on there now

I also got    Kaye Wood's Hexagon templates    She shows in the video how to do a nice pot holder/Kitchen Quilt

I also got Square up rulers which has the middle cut out for fussy cut they are the June Taylor's Get Squared    I got the 6.5, 8.5 & 12.5 inch ones which give 3.5, 4.5 & 6.5 inch fussy cut I also got   Clearly Perfect Angles   I haven't tried it yet 

I also got a book   Love to Sew: Mug Rugs   i also have on order Quilted Flowers it not been released yet


  1. I've been thinking about you and it's so good to see a post. The sweater is gorgeous, and I love the potholders. I'm going to have to look for the book; I love the mug rug on the cover.

  2. What a nice post Janice.
    The Aran sweater is lovely. What a shame it is a bit on the small side.
    Love all the bits and pieces you've been making and you've given me some ideas as our quilt group is doing a fundraiser at the end of May and I need to make some things.
    I think potholders would sell well.
    Knitted dishcloths too.
    The fabric baskets are lovely. Might try some of those also.
    I am going to check the link for the mug rug book. It looks like one I'd like to have in my library.


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