Saturday, 18 May 2013

Baby's Quilts

My Cousin's daughter just had a Baby Girl, & I have done her a quilt plus a playmat one I had to wait to do the labels, plus the playmat while doing it my machine went wrong so had to take it to the sewing doctor 

The man at Silver was great he had it done on a very quick turn around, so could go & get it

As DH has had a operation on his thumb i been very busy he got a call on Wednesday to say he could go in at 12.30 that day which he did 6 hours later still not been done as they couldn't find his notes

So Thursday they sorted it out called him & they had a space with a different surgeon the next day so he went & had it done on Friday he okay of course in a bit of pain & no heavy lifting not that he can anyway so that 1 surgery down & possible future surgery we know more when he goes about his shoulder next month

I will be seeing the memory nurse earlier than originally said from her last visit in March so instead of 6 months from then she coming back next month after my Doctor wrote to her so will see what they say 

I not done much crafts in the last few months i had to push myself to do the baby quilts anyway here is the quilts & the labels i did using the method i saw on YouTube  which i tried

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  1. So good to see you back. Of course I haven't posted for months either, but I've missed reading your posts. I love your little quilt and playmat. I hope all is well with you/.


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