Thursday, 3 January 2013

What I been Up to

First let me wish you All a Very Happy New Year hoping that you will have a wonderful 2013

Well here some of the things I have done I did a Sweater for 2nd granddaughter i had done her sister a Aran sweater which is in September blog.

The sweater used Aran yarn but a plain one

I  did myself a pair of long pair of socks I used a 6 ply yarn

I also done a quilt which I actually finished on New Year's Day as I had to do the binding which I attached by machine on front then flipped & hand sewn on the back

I used the Binding Tool for the first time as it says about leaving a gap of 12 inches so on small projects not worked out if i can cut down the size you can see the video of this   here   It shows you how it works

Well here is the quilt the 1st photo is the quilt on the bed I couldn't get further back to take a better photo, 2nd photo shows the top border with the last one being 10 inches
3rd photo is of the blocks showing the floral fabric of Hydrangeas & it diamond in a square, the last photo is the label I put on the back

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  1. Love your sweater and socks....just beautiful knitting. Your quilt work reminds me I have to UFOs for our two younger DGD. Better get to it or they'll be all grown up.


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