Friday, 9 November 2012

Stained Glass Window Table Runner

I have just completed a Table Runner for a swap I am in 
I thought I would do a sort of Stained Glass window one as last year I went to local exhibitions & saw some lovely ones which I took photos of which the link is on an older post you can get to the lin by clicking her

Anyway  it was from seeing them that I took my inspiration from the one I mean is photo 35, I done Free Motion quilting on the runner which will be off early next week to the person who is getting it


QuiltSue said...

What a great runner. Someone is going to be very lucky.

Storefront Glass Installation Brooklyn said...

I had never acquired any form of technique or skill in quilting, though, my Mother has always been a professional. She used to make quilts every month for the hell of it and to bring our family together.

-Solomon Berkovitch

Solstitches said...

Your table runner is lovely Janice.
The stained glass technique is very effective.