Wednesday, 23 May 2012

More Socks

I just finished this pair of socks for a lady who had socks from me before & really liked them.
I used Online 4 ply yarn Fancy Colour Range number 1347 I think the picture of the colours show them a bit brighter than they are in true life while my photo is a bit darker may be when the lady receives them she will comment to say what she thinks

Fancy Colour Range
Colour 1347 
If you like to order some socks or if you like something knitted please contact me if you comment I will receive it or you can e-mail me if you go to my profile


  1. those look wonderful and so comfy

  2. Hi Tonya and Janice of course, and guess what Tonya, they are MINE. They are so pretty and soooo comfortable, Janice makes fabulous socks and I have several pairs now. They are perfect for me and my 'dodgy' feet and legs. Love them Janice thank you soooo much. Jan xxx

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely comments Jan glad that you like them
    Hugs Janice

  4. Ditto lol! I am the proud owner of a couple Janice's lovely socks and they are gorgeous and soo comfy!
    The blocks are fantastic Janice I am loving the FMQ keep up the brilliant work! Love and Hugs Lesley xx


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