Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Foot for FMQ

As you may have already seen I am trying to learn how to do FMQ (Free Motion Quilting) I got want I thought was the right foot going by the DVD saying about the plastic foot & cutting a bit out well I got a satin foot which as you all will know will sit on the fabric so totally wrong well even with the bit cut out I will still be able to use it to see when I am doing other stitches I do have the correct one as well.

So today went back to Silver at Rushden where my machine which is a Silver   9500E   & got new feet you can click on link to see what my machine does.

Anyway I got 2 new darning feet now here the original foot that comes with the machine

This foot is the new one I bought

This one is after I got DH to cut a little away so it got a bigger space

I have not tried it yet but will do, another thing I learnt was the person who sold me it I had asked her to show me how it fits as it a bit different from the original anyway she didn't take the screw fully out so that something I will try as I do really struggle putting the originally one on so either of the new ones should be easier.

With this foot I will be able to see more, I do struggle having problems with my eyes anyway so anything that can improve my vision of the area I am working on is always good.

I had looked at a plastic one but the little foot didn't have a very big workable area so wasn't any good for what I want to do so will use this it has to improve the vision & ease of putting it on so that all should be good.

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Sharon Beach Watson said...

Hi Janice,
That looks like the foot to my Janome Memory Craft that I used to quilt on before I got my Longarm. You will find it a lot easier to do your quilting with. A little practice and you will be making lots more quilted items. Make up some practice pieces and try it out. Happy quilting! Sharon