Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy April

Happy April, I am hoping that April will be a better month as I been bad with a bout of Vertigo again so not been up to much

I do have the flannel lap quilt nearly done I have to quilt that, I also did a block for a swap which is Teacup/Pot one I also am waiting on a book which will help me with doing this as I have to do 1 block a month using either teacup or teapot 
I put a little button on the lid to make it look more finished, the book is Teapots 2 to Applique

So am looking forward to receiving this book in the mail.

Here is a  LINK  to a card for you all it will only be available for a time during April  

You all have a wonderful April & Easter

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  1. Happy Easter, Janice. I love your block and look forward to seeing the others you will be making.


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