Saturday, 21 April 2012


Here is some blocks I did yesterday, I had folded them in to their bags ready for them to be posted then remembered I hadn't taken a photo so I took them out this morning & took a photo of them.

There is a Teapot block which is for a swap that I am in, then the 2 heart ones will be going to the USA where others from my group are doing hearts to go towards a quilt for my DGD so of course I had to send 1 has from Nanny on & where I am the other has her name & DOB this will be something she can treasure.

I can't say much online some of you may already know the situation that been with this Granddaughter, she with my son now so this is why my group is doing the quilt which I am so thankful & appreciate it so much, anyway here the photos of the blocks

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