Monday, 25 April 2011


I hope everyone had a Happy Easter, this post will be about links for you to check out
First is from  
Missouri Star Quilt Co 
they are great for their videos one is  
Summer in the Park  
which is really nice, the other one is a 
Log Cabin    
if you click on the names you can go to YouTube or you can click on the company name & go from there they do use YouTube but not had any problems with this links 
The next bit was me looking at ways around doing the quilting when you are doing large quilts I am really struggling & that only doing stitch in the ditch part of it is the space on the throat of the machine standard machines don't really give you much room well I found something that I thought may be of use a frame system I will give you the link if you go down the page & click on the video & watch it you see what it like it from the 
Flynn Quilt Frame Company
Well I have been asking & the feedback I am is that it not worth it, due to space that is needed when doing larger quilts plus trying to move it people who either seen it or know people who have it have said that it not as easy as he makes it look 
So I am still looking at ways around doing quilting I would like to get a machine that has a much deeper throat but they aren't cheap & can't afford it now so still thinking lol
Some have said about Quilt As You Go still can't really get my head around that one as not sure if you just do the top & the wadding/batting then when all done put backing on if so how do you secure it from being loose in the middle of the quilt, if you do all three how do you do it so no seams are showing have to look in to that one more.
Got no photos this time as the Pinwheel Quilt is not finished yet so until next time take care


  1. Thanks for the links. I love watching the Missouri Quilt Co. videos.

    I was looking at the Flynn Frame a couple days ago. It seems like a good idea but you never know until you try it out. For me, it looks like alot of work preparing the quilt and making sure it stays even. I do my quilting on a home machine too. I did quit a king size quilt for my Son and a double for my Daughter but they were hard work. Lots of rolling and smushing to get it all done though. I was looking at long arm machines but they are way out of my price range.

  2. Hi, quilt-as-you-go is pretty straight forward. Cut the wadding and backing 2" bigger all round than the block and quilt as normal, up to the seam allowance. Then add the sashing strip through all layers. From the back, flip the backing fabric out of the way. Slip a 2" wide strip of cardboard behind the wadding and herringbone- stitch the butted edges of wadding together. Remove the cardboard. Lay down one side of backing over hte wadding and finger press the other side over it so it covers the edge. Slipstitch in place. You don't always need sashing and I have machine quilted the backing in place too. Try googling Carolyn Foster - her book has some lovely traditional quilts and is very helpful.
    Best of luck,

  3. Hello Janice, thankyou for the links...Regards, Lyn


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