Friday, 31 January 2014

A New Year & Projects

Happy New Year a bit late but better than never lol

Well we went away to Scotland for a Coach holiday in December 19th-23 then on 24th went to our youngest son for Christmas got to see the other two children plus of course all the grandchildren

I am not too bad have to go for my MRI on 17th then on 26th for the results this is at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford for my Menginoma ( Brain Tumour) if no change then should be no treatment but we see when i go for the results anyway that enough said about that

I got a order for a pair of socks from my friend Janet which i done 

I also worked on a quilt for my friend for her 60th Birthday next week below is the quilt

I went to my sister in law's 60th birthday last week  25th & here is a nice photo of me & my brother Patrick taken at the party


Chris H said...

Lovely quilt, and I too went to my sister in laws 60th Birthday recently.
Your socks look so warm and snuggly. I still have to make even one pair of socks!

P B Smith said...

Hey you missed out the "Good Looking" bit when you mentioned your brother Patrick

jansmusingagain said...

Love my socks, how come I missed this post??