Friday, 2 March 2012

Would like your Input Please

I would like some input please, as I mention had a change around in the bedroom which is where I do my sewing it to give me more room anyway DH said about doing away with the fold down table which is has a old sewing cabinet under one leaf for support so it don't drop when sewing.
Anyway he said about making/creating something for me & I said I think the table is the wrong height as it kills my back especially when cutting.
So my question I like to ask you all is what height is your sewing/cutting table/work-surface & what is your height in comparison me I am 5ft 4inches so what sort of height would I need my table to to be.
Any Input you can give would be greatly appreciated & don't forget if you reply as Anonymous then I can't reply to you


Caz said...

Hi,, I have popped in, thru' Jan's Musings. As regards to height of tables, what about going with the height of your kitchen work tops. I am 5'7",, and they are fine for me. They are just a little over 3 feet.

QuiltSue said...

For cutting, I have a "table" which is about the height of my kitchen units which DH rigged up with 2 trestles and a piece of melamine. This is great cos it means it can be put up and taken down easily. Also, you can get trestles that are adjustable I think from somewhere like the big Swedish furniture shop.

For sewing, I have my machine in a cabinet, so that's not very helpful.

jan said...

Janice, irt is recommended the cutting tables be kitchen unit height where ever you go, it works for me. I got hubby to raise my student table onto casters so I can wheel it round where ever I wish it to be, works a dream.

Quiltingranny said...

Have you considered purchased a used padded or raisable piano bench? You can adjust the height anytime and relax your back!

Nancy said...

My sewing table has a height of just under 29 inches. My cutting table is kitchen counter height. Anything lower and my back screams. I am 5'4 also. To make sewing easier, go on line and buy a Tilt-able, an acrylic device which raises up the back of your machine to make seeing the bed easier. Greatest thing since sliced bread.