Saturday, 25 February 2012

What I am not doing Sewing

I still not be doing much sewing it a case of the mind is willing the body isn't lol as my back been hurting a lot, plus my DH had a hand operation on Monday so he in plaster which means he restricted on what he can do as it is his right hand & he is right handed.
My friend Pat came over & she shared a link to a site which while you have to register to be able to view the free videos or if you wish you can pay a monthly fee which you can cancel after the month & you then get access to more videos ect there is some very good tips on the free part which that alone is worth watching so if you click   HERE  to go to the site.
As I haven't be able to do any sewing I have played around a little on the EQ as I want to do a quilt for me as I will be getting a new bed I am changing from 2 single beds bolted together to a normal double we decided to change as DH has said with some changes in the room i could have more room for doing my sewing funny he comes up with this yet he moans about my stuff lol
Another friend from online done a beautiful quilt which I just have to share I love the whole thing & it one she designed shows how talented she is i love the birds on the edging/borders 

It looks so right in the room with that bed well done Ashton
I hope to be back to sewing soon as I am really wanting to get on & do more.


  1. sorry you're not able to sew right now, Janice! Hope and pray your back will feel better really soon! And that Greg will get along fine with hand surgery !
    Hugs! Rhonda

  2. Your friend has done an amazing job with that quilt, it's gorgeous. I hope you can get back to your sewing soon.


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