Friday, 10 February 2012

Thinking of closing Blog

I am thinking of closing all my blogs as since they changed it i can't do much & when i even go to other's blogs it won't let me leave comments anymore
I keep getting directed to google which i do have a google account but i can't figure it out the whole thing with the blog now days seems like you need a degree just to figure it out all the background stuff has gone it just hard to figure out now
I managed to post this but it taken a while just to get to be able to post


  1. I had ab awful time with comments as well, but after investigating, found that if I updated to google chrome, it would work. And it did! Now I look at blogs only through chrome, and it works beautifully. You know I haven't posted for a long time, but I will eventually. I looked at the new blogger, and I thought I'd gone crazy. It took me awhile to find how, but I changed it back to the old and don't intend to change to the new yet. Don't give up; we can learn it together!!

  2. Oh-oh, have I disappeared into thin air?

  3. What I said was that I hope you don't give up. Since changing from Firefox to Chrome I have had no problems.

    The new Blogger is OK once you've played around with it a bit. Let me know if I could help at all.

  4. Janice, why don't you build,
    (put together) your own website with your own design and do away with this one.

  5. Hope you change your mind and don't close your blog. But google does have free websites that are templates you change to suit your own needs. You can even add paypal buttons to it to sell your socks and so on. i see I have to sign in below to leave this comment on your blog. S. Watson


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