Friday, 1 July 2011

Angel Of July

As we start another new month I pray that this finds you well & that it will be a great month
For Some it a month which they have celebrations for others it when they go on holiday & for the children it when they break up from school for their summer holidays
What ever this months holds may it be full of love & wishing you God's Blessings

Angel Of July  

 ~Sitting in splendor
In heaven's sweet place
Showing the beauty of wings
Made of lace
Surrounded by flowers
With swans in her midst
The beauty of nature
Her glorious gift
Playing a tune that
Comes from on high
Gentlest breezes
This angel July
Sends love with her heart
That whispers on land
As trees rustle gently
In harmony grand
An angel so peaceful
She's sent with great love
Angelic in nature
Reflected above
Let her just fill you with
Warmth and all care
An angel to bless you with
Dreams we can share
Look to her innocence
Her power and might
While gently she sends you
All love that is bright.~

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